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    Upgrader: Adaptation
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    Upgrader: Re-Engineered
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    Armageddon: The Battle of Darkening Skies
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The UPGRADER Blog Tour Begins Monday, August 29th!

Okay, so is it redundant to say I’m “Part of the Terry Tibke Blog Tour”? Or a little big conceited even? Maybe. Still, this site’s kind of home base for the tour, and I liked the flashy blog badge, so, neener.

 If you haven’t heard about the upcoming blog tour, starting next Monday, August 29th—well, now you have. I have to give a huge shout out to Ali Cross and her amazing PR skillz (yeah, I used a ‘z’ in that). She’s been working her butt of to put this together and deserves all your praise and visits to her site. She also runs #Ninjachat, so if you’ve never been to a #Ninjachat, you’d better grab your yawari... or maybe your keyboard, and head over to Ali’s blog. Where? Here: .

 The next shout out (when’s someone going to come up with a cooler term for that?) goes out to everyone who offered to not only read Upgrader: Re-Engineered, but review it and participate. I owe every one of them my undying gratitude and thanks for the support. You’re gonna want to check out their blogs and websites, I promise. And just to let you see how awesome they are, here’s the schedule of the upcoming events that will span over the next two weeks.


MONDAY 08/29 L. Blankenship

TUESDAY 08/30 Ali Cross 

WEDNESDAY 08/31 Nisa S.

THURSDAY 09/01 Angela Kulig

FRIDAY 09/02 Christa Desir


TUESDAY 09/06 ~ Golden Eagle

WEDNESDAY 09/07 ~ Darvell Hunt

THURSDAY 09/08 ~ Kayleen Hamblin

FRIDAY 09/09 ~ Jon Arntson


What will the next post be about, you say? Prizes. All the free prizes. Take care and have a great weekend. We'll see you on Monday.